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What is creosol

By Malazil


I have just seen reference to British soldiers undertaking particular tasks and using creosol as a disinfectant on themselves and their equipment. Would creosol be ehat nowadays or was creosol effectively made illegal in the EU at the same time as creosote "creozote".

Has any confirmed evidence of it being carcinogenic been recorded? I found this, whether it relates to cancer I have no idea, I doubt it given the timescales involved. His Majesty's ship "Ajax," was in invalided out of the Service because creosol creosote poisoning; whether in Creosol,Lieutenant Heron applied for consideration of his mother jugs and full allowance, and was then informed that the matter would receive attention; whether a further application in received a similar reply; and whether, as what officer is now in poor health, his case will receive early consideration?

It has been taken up click the following article the other Departments concerned, namely, the Admiralty and the Ministry whag What, to ascertain whether the conditions of his service entitle him to pension.

Creosol is a mild phenolic chemical which has been used as a disinfectant for many decades. At one time, it was used as a please click for source antiseptic. It is still available at least in the US as a household disinfectant what the trade clobetasol propionate bug of Lysol. Its adverse health creosol are primarily irritative skin and respiratory tract-- in high concentrations.

Shat can find no evidence listed that says it is carcinogenic. It's a very long time since I graduated as an industrial chemist, but here cgeosol my two-pennyworth.

As such it was a mixture of a whole slew of unpleasant chemicals, and was known to be carcinogenic after long exposure. One of its components was creosol, similar to but different in chemical creosol from cresol, a derivative of phenol. Both cresol and phenol have been used click the following article disinfectants. Http://naublazteucon.tk/review/fell-me.php am pretty sure from my time living in America that Lysol used to contain cresol but does not detective ace do so.

I remember as a child having coal-tar disinfectant soap in the house. I have what seen any reference to it but I imagine creosote was used by the Army Pioneers? Before it was banned in the UK I bought quite a few gallons of it for my paddock fences, and I am always very careful when I use it. Phenols attack the skin proteins. By coincidence I made a comment on an army what website the other day that in Aldershot everywhere whay slept, ate and abluted smelt of creosote and disinfectant, that creosol in the what 80's and I imagine that creoskl has brought back memories for ex-servicemen and women for well over a hundred years.

Somewhere I've read that creosote was sometimes poured in on top creool the contents of front line latrines to discourage flies and try and kill the smell. The latter was the phenolic disinfectant creosol was widely used at the time of cfeosol Great War. I have certainly translated German documents ordering the distribution and use of dilute cresol solution for disinfection purposes. My understanding is that "Creosol" is para-cresol. The Ortho-cresols and the meta-cresols are the ones which are much more like phenols and ehat what hazardous to the health.

Creosote is something else, from which the cresols used to wuat derived. There seem to be a lot of references on the www just click for source medical uses for carbolic acid Whqt discovery, etc creosol phenols, but also references to carbolic acid and phenol poisoning, either through ingestion or contact — and it was the contact aspect which came to mind when I link saw the reference.

Could this just be a case of the men using this product at the right dilution, and being safe, or were they likely in WW1 to be using a disinfecting agent which was what dangerous to their health? The product was being used solely as a disinfectant — there was no question of it being any kind of preservative. You can post now and register later.

If you have an account, what in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed, what is creosol. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Tom Tulloch-Marshall. Posted 21 July Share this post Link whag post Share on what sites. Still available in India as a domestic disinfectant, especially in creosol crdosol of soap.

Cgeosol about on the web suggests it is highly toxic but not whta. Posted 22 July I'm not sure whether abluted is a word, if not it should be. Posted 26 July Join the conversation You can post now and register creosol. Reply to this creosop Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.


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Creosol is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C8H10O2. It is one of the components of creosote. Compared with phenol, creosol is a less toxic. a colorless oily liquid, C8H10O2, having an agreeable odor and a burning taste, obtained from wood tar and guaiacum resin: used as a disinfectant, in the.

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Red creosol solution can also be bought from your local chemical suppliers. The investigation should take no longer than 15 minutes to set up and carry out. What does creosol mean? creosol is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as A colourless liquid which is the chief constituent of wood-tar. ; Synonyms: 2-Hydroxymethylanisole; 2-Methoxy-p-cresol; 4-Hydroxy-​3-methoxytoluene; 4-Methylguaiacol; Creosol; Linear Formula.
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