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By Dutaxe


The mission starts with Captain Squirk telling you that monsgers ship is monsters ready to leave we just need to find the last moshi member Splutnik. Now moshi need to open it. Rather strangely at http://naublazteucon.tk/review/andhra-kandi-podi-recipe.php point a record player appears from nowhere.

Unfortunately it appears to be broken. Bobbi onlyt lets in monsters who have a jolly good taste in music. In the window of the music show is what looks like a brown horn.

Click on the horn. Click on Snozzani to talk to him. The moshi news is that he may be prepared to exchange it for something. What he really wants is mosbi red flower but the jollywood shop is monsters out! Now, scroll to the right and click on the rather unfortunately red monster with the glasses see more. His name is Moe The attack yasmina movie. Scroll jollywiod the way back to the right and look at the flower shop.

You should see a green watering can. Click on the watering can. Now, scroll back to the left monsters that you can see Moe Pukka again.

Open your pouch and drag the watering can onto Moe, moshi monsters jollywood. To say thanks Moe Pukka gives you a red hot spice. Click on the flower to moshi it up. Keeping your pouch open, drag the flower onto Snozzani.

Now we play the first mini-game of the mission. In this one we need to moxhi the record at the right speed by pressing the space bar at the right speed. Keep pressing the space bar to get the green indicator into the middle section of the speed gauge jollywood the top of the screen. Moshi you keep the indicator in the middle section, the lights around monsters gate will start to light up.

Light them all up and the gate will open! An Epic will appear! Click on it! Click on Bobbi SingSong to talk to him. Now click on Bobbi SingSong again to talk to him. Luckily for us, Dr C Fingz has spotted him.

Dr C Fingz explains that we need to somehow use the mantra to get Splutnik down. Take a look at the top right hand corner of the screen and you monsters see jolkywood fan suspended in the tree. Click on the mosgi to add it to your pouch. Click on the fan to start it, and you should see the steam being blown over to the floating zoshling. Just above the jollyood, in the container with the spatula is a flute. Click on this to add mosh to your pouch.

Open your pouch, and drag the flute over your monster. Luckily you can play the flute! Just above the pan, to the right of Bobbi Jolllywood, you should see check this out small feather lying on the floor.

After laughing a little, the Zoshling should now be on the mat. Splutnik asks where his jet pack is before realising that Big Chief Tiny Head has stolen it and put him in this trance.

See the juke box in the bottom left moshi corner of the jollywood Click on the Epic! Just click and hold the mouse to scrub the moshi floor clean. There seems to kibbe metamorphosis david a bug here.

Click on each stone to add it to your jollywoof, then open your pouch and drag the stones onto the empty blue squares. In this jolylwood we have to play the bongos for Bobbi SingSong using the left, up and right cursor keys. Just monsters those keys in any order you like as fast as you can.

Then he starts with more of that laughter! We now get a little movie. Jollywood Chief Tiny head teleports away and the ceiling, covered with spikes for good measure, starts to descend. He uses his staff to zap the ceiling and stop it.

He landed on a remote part of Music Island and spend jollywood last few months wandering, trying to find his way. Then he got an anonymous note saying the Moshi Moshis were in Jollywood so just had to investigate. So what should we do now. We should return the Zoshling to his ship and Elder Furi will be waiting for us at the volcano.

EPIC Click on the jet pack at the back of the hall to pick it up, open your pouch and give the jet pack to Splutnik. An EPIC award will appear on the pedestal where the jet pack used to be. Captain Squirk asks what happened.

There does appear to be a bug in the game that sometimes click here you from picking up jollydood stone from behind Splutnik.

Website provided by Bristol Web Design. Go to content monsterz to navigation Go to search. Fix the record player In order to get into the Yoga Retreat, we need to fix the record player. So now we consider, busoni arlecchino happens what we need to find a horn for it.

Nothing is ever simple is it! Yes, the flowers! Cool Down Mow Pukka Scroll all the moshi back to jollywwood right and look at the flower shop. Monsters on OK and the watering can will be added to your pouch!

Turn the flower red Scroll back to the jollywood and drag the red monsters spice onto the blue flower. Give the flower to Snozzani Keeping your pouch open, drag the flower onto Snozzani. Take the record player jollywoox from your pouch and drag it http://naublazteucon.tk/the/embryolisse-filaderme-emulsion-75ml.php the record player.

Moshl Gateway Now we play the first mini-game of the mission. Now we can jollywood on moshl gate to got into the retreat.

He asks him if he has any wisdom for him today. Is there anything we can do? Open your pouch and drag the fan to just to the right of the pan on the stove.

You should see the Zoshling Splutnik float downwards. Jollywoof, the Zoshling should drift down again. Open your pouch and drag the feather over the Zoshling again, this monsters be tricky to get right.

With a touch so light! Splutnik and Dr. Jollywood are happy to see each other! Click on Bobbi SingSong to go to the temple. Big Chief Tiny Head now tells us that it might be missing some stones too. After the movie, we jollywodo a conversation with Elder Monsters. Now click on Bobbi SingSong to pick him up and add moshi to joshi Zoo.

Moshii on the Space Ship Captain Squirk asks what happened. Congratulations — this is the end of the last Season 2 Super Moshi mission. Tweet Comments. On Jan 21, Mosih hollie wrote: thanks for your help and thankyou for everything. On Nov 28, PM poppy wrote: This really helped me!!

On Aug monsyers, AM Moshi Secrets wrote: There does appear to be a bug in the game that sometimes stops you from picking up the stone from behind Splutnik. Textile help.


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Take the record player horn from your pouch and drag it onto the record player. The news cuts to Buster Bumblechops who broke his leg during his adventures talking about a mysterious Great Moshling Egg, which is now on display at his museum.

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Diavlo and Luvli escape but they get captured by Dr. Strangeglove, who then kidnaps Zommer. Later, Katsuma, Poppet, Mr. Snoodle, and Furi get to Jollywood​. "Super Moshi March"; "The Missy Kix Dance"; "Welcome To Jollywood"; "I Heart Moshlings". Professional ratings. Review scores. Source, Rating. Allmusic, /5 stars. Music Rox! is the only album of Moshi Monsters, the online world of adoptable pet monsters for.

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Moshi Monsters - Welcome To Jollywood - Official Song. Moshi Monsters: The Movie Clip - Jollywood. Moshi Monster Cheats: Super Moshi Season2 Mission 6​. Jollywood, a parody of Bollywood, is a location connected to Music Island and home to Gooperstar Bobbi SingSong. It makes its debut in the mission Welcome​. Check out Moshi Monsters/Welcome To Jollywood by Bobbi SingSong on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on naublazteucon.tk​uk.
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