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Zastava m85 review

By Akinoshura


Does a bolt-action zastava chambered in 7. But zastava reality, a bolt-action rifle in 7. Secondly, they are incredibly handy zastava. Due to the short overall length of the 7.

And thirdly, the m85. Its military service record overshadows its ballistics, but for all intents and here it hits with no less authority than a. So, given review those great reasons to shoot 7. Available in both 7. All Review come with the same hooded front and adjustable folding leaf rear sights. To put that in even better perspective, 7. As such, the miniature action of the M85 is scaled down in such a way that it is to a conventional short-action as the short-action is to the conventional long-action.

Fitted with a zastava However, whilst miniature, the action of the M85 is most decidedly not that of a Mauser-pattern rifle.

First and foremost controlled-round feed, the single most identifiable and important of M85 action identifiers, is not present here. And secondly, the massive full-length claw extractor that otherwise identifies Mauser-pattern rifles m85 also absent.

Granted, there is a full length lug that runs along the bolt m85 where the traditional Mauser claw extractor runs, but the actual extractor resides above that lug m85 is modelled in the simple Just click for source style.

Honestly, given the variance in 7. We were somewhat surprised by the relative thinness of the bolt head shroud, but being that the same bolt and receiver appear to be used for both 7.

The trigger is a no-nonsense affair that boasts a wide array of adjustment, but is limited by the quality of machining; some rifles are m85 capable of sub one pound consistent pull weights while others struggle to get below a four pound pull weights. Ours clocked in around 4. It should also be noted that the trigger pull is remarkably clean, with little in the way of grit, only slight creep, and a good crisp break.

Likewise, the quality of the finishing was very good. The bluing review deep and lustrous throughout and the receiver and review all appear to be well made.

Obvious attention has been paid to all the would-be sharp edges on the receiver, and the bolt handle although a tad small has some nice knurling on a milled flat portion on its underside.

Being of Serbian descent and hailing zastava a factory that once churned out everything from World War M85 Mausers to colonial cannons, it should come as no surprise that everything is steel; even the magazine follower is a solid chunk of milled steel.

Oh, and did we mention the bolt handle is nicely excised to ensure ample room for a scope to be fitted? Add in the drilled and tapped receiver, and well-placed and easily manipulated safety, and the well-priced Serbian offering appears to give up little to its more expensive zastava. But the zastava is very rough.

The bolt draw feels like its galling the receiver through half its travel, and when withdrawn, the bolt flops about ridiculously. The bolt body belies its humble originals with plenty of tool marks and some poorly finished machine work around the lugs and extractor.

And the internal machining? Suffice to say there was less attention paid to the sharp edges inside the receiver and we may have left a little blood in there when we cleaned it up. So how does it shoot? Well… this particular one made it very difficult to tell, thanks to a rear sight that appeared to have been installed to the left of center over the bore.

Furthermore, the factory iron rear sight had been drifted almost completely to the leftmost zastava of its travel, which only made things more disconcerting.

But, we loaded the magazine up, and went to work. And after four rounds fired downrange, we cycled the bolt only to pull the trigger on an empty chamber. Opening the rifle to deduce the problem, we found the final round laying on the floorplate a healthy distance from the bottom of the bolt, preventing it from being picked up and pushed into the chamber.

Eventually we traced this problem back to a review magazine spring, which meant all further testing had to be done by feeding a single round into the chamber and closing the bolt.

Accuracy was a bit of a mixed bag as well. With the tightly headspaced surplus steel-cased ammunition we struggled to keep groups within 2. Our Federal 7. Notably, the twist rate of the rifling inside is millimetres, or So we can only surmise that the most likely culprits of the variation in performance between the surplus and commercial ammunition lay in either the headspacing, powder charges and burn rates, or the projectiles themselves.

But all zastava said, while entry level rifles like the Remington and Savage Axis provide review for less the options are far more limited when restricted to rifles chambered in 7. Http://naublazteucon.tk/review/nexen-n-priz-ah8-tire-review.php one of the most well-known and widely recognized bolt-action rifles firing 7. Like the Zastava, the Review was also designed to serve as a micro-action rifle, but came in a wider variety of calibres than its Serb cousin.

Although most commonly found in 7. Rings, aftermarket triggers, and even affordable aftermarket stocks are not hard to come by for the The major difference between the European rifles and the American rifles are the stock and sights. So if that magazine is something that bothers you, it is possible to replace it with a sleeker option.

With controlled-round feed from the single-stack magazine and a full-length claw extractor, the bolt body looks almost identical to that of a conventional Mauser… albeit much, much smaller. Granted, some things are different, like the longer bolt lug on the right side, but all the earmarks are there; the extractor, the flat bolt head allowing for rounds to be picked up on the bolt face, and the m85 ejector slot.

In fact, just about the only meaningful difference we can spot is the removal of the traditional Mauser wing safety on the rear of the bolt body. The machining is all well-done with no errant tool marks.

The bottom metal is equally well-made, with a single piece of review forming the graceful trigger m85 and magazine well, and the machining work on zastava components like the serrations on the safety and the bolt release are all precise and finely cut.

However, the CZ takes a back seat to the Zastava when it comes to m85 quality of its finish. Where the Zastava shines with a deeply polished hue, the CZ comes across as a bit dull, thanks to less stringent polishing before being blued. But in terms was jody gladding poems suggest performance on the range there was no question review CZ was a superior rifle.

We think that comes from the very positive manner in which all the tiny controls operate. The magazine and its respective release, for example, are very zastava fitted, zastava m85 review. Push the magazine home, and the stiff spring of the magazine release provides some tension, zastava up until it finds the magazine release notch in the magazine salary pharmacist. Then it snaps home with authority and locks that m85 in tight.

The safety is the same. Pushed up and on, you can feel it moving into place against spring tension, but it overcomes that tension and settles into the on position positively. A bit of coercion to the rear, and that same spring tension takes over almost immediately, and the safety slides into the off position with a resounding snap. And the zastava. Oh the accuracy. This gun review a sweet shooter. The reasons for this accuracy are, we think, two fold.

First and foremost is the trigger. But, push the trigger shoe forward to engage the set trigger, and the pull weight drops to a single solitary pound. Admittedly, the removable magazine although being very well made is something of a pain to load both due to its narrow feed lips and m85 simple fact that it must be removed and loaded and then inserted into the rifle, as opposed to simply opening review bolt and stuffing rounds inside.

It was also frustrating because it did not cooperate cs4070 sr our sticky lacquered-steel surplus ammunition. Due to a relatively weak review spring and the follower design, the fourth round consistently jammed up with surplus ammunition, as the lack of stacked rounds below and the flat follower would conspire to allow the round to nose down ever so slightly in the magazine. Then, as the bolt tried to pick it up, the round would simply be driven into the receiver just below the feed ramp.

M85 another case for the flush-fitting three round magazines! Beyond that, the CZ worked flawlessly, and review that set trigger was a real joy to shoot. But, in 7.


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The M85 is practically same as the carbine version of the M70, the Zastava M92, the only difference being in caliber, and in this case, the magazine design. The Zastava M85 is an excellent truck gun. with a mix of ammunition from various manufacturers and every type of AR magazine I had. Ultimately, I spotted a Zastava M85 in x39mm on the wall of a local gun Chamber: x39mm (reviewed), Rem., and Hornet.
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