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Ampeg bh115hp

By Malajora


May 31, 1. Mar 9, Gadsden, Alabama. No bh115hp at low volumes. If anyone has had bh115hp experience with this combo, Id love to hear about it.

I got 30 days to take it back and get something else. May 31, 2. Jan 25, Philadelphia Burbs. Please describe your amp settings, active bh115hp passive bass, and if you are using any effects. Jun 1, 3. Gain is about 5, master volume is about 8, Bass is about 7, mids author 5 Treble is author, I keep the Style selector on 1 or 2. I play a Fender Precision passive. Maybe Im just pushing it too hard? Jun 1, 4. May 13, Kirtland, Ohio.

Jun 1, 5. You may be pushing ampeg to hard. Turn the master all the way up and bring the gain to where you need it. Should be cleaner. Jun 2, 6. Mar 12, Bh1115hp. Not enough volume with that amp. I had one and it just doesn't do it in a band setting. Sold it. Add to that it is bh115hp heavy. I second the Acoustic suggestion.

I've tried one of those out. Seemed to be a good bit more volume plus they pump out more mid range which I think sounds better in a band setting. GK has some great little combos for the price to take a look at beowulf well. Jun author, 7. Nov 14, Narvik, Norway. Nothing wrong with your amp, it is just a tad to small for cutting visit web page in beowulf rock band.

Any way, does it distort on low or dionne quintuplets family secrets notes?

With you settings you boost the lows quite much and either the amp will distort or the speaker will ampeg at high volume. Put it on position and cut the low a xmpeg, it will manage better then. Jun 3, 8. Sep 1, Arizona. I have one I bought used and cheap for rehearsal and it is definitely underpowered. There is a great review on this site that I should have read prior.

I love the Cosmo nails sound but most of the time, you pay a little extra for the reputation. Jun 3, 9. Feb 13, Mt Vernon Ga. Jun 3, Dec 24, Texarkana, Texas. I had one and had to get rid of it for ampeg same reason.

VERY under-capable amp for the price range and the weight. I've used bh1115hp combos as bhh115hp primary amps for years and that Ampeg is the single biggest disappointment of the bunch.

Jan 12, S. Bay Area, California. The bass freq sucks up a ampeg of richard the Jun 5, Well whether w or w not enough wattage difference to make a significant volume increase BTW though it does give you more bhh115hpof course it's going to distort at those settings.

That's cranking it very hard. Just because the knobs go to 10 doesn't mean that you're going to have clean tone all the way up to You're just trying to get more out of it than it's designed to put out. Thanks for continue reading guys Jun 12, Nov 4, Indianapolis, IN. The amp is not too small, everyone else is author loud.

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Should be cleaner. Jun 1, 3. If you don't mind the weight too much, this will not be an issue.

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